How Ballroom Dance Originated?

Ever wonder why Ballroom dances are so popular around the world? Then just imagine two beautiful souls in the world holding each other with perfect harmony and dancing in a ballroom leaving behind everything would be a feast to eyes. There are many styles in Ballroom dances which are so popular in the dance world and are practiced mostly in the United Nations of America, Russia, and Africa and in some parts of Asia so if you want to learn choose a perfect Ballroom Dance School to complete your fairy tale.

Origin of Ballroom Dance

The term Ball is derived from a Latin word named Ballere which meant dance and Ballroom dance meant dancing with your partner in a large room. According to ‘Orchesographie’, a study on Social French Dance by Thoinot Arbeau it came around in the 16th century. Ballroom dance has always been a common dance used by poets in their literature work, even Shakespeare mentioned a particular dance practice as Clinq pace as it involves less than six steps.

Ballroom dance is first famous in European countries which are mostly like folk traditional or country cultural dances and are known as court dances as they are performed in courts. The dancers moved in some circular form and then to square form throughout the performance in the ballroom. Later many improvised these styles according to music like a waltz, tango, samba and many more. Though dances like waltz received serious criticism because of close holding partner it gradually melted the hearts of people.


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