Super Singer, magnificent English Songwriter, successful record producer, and celebrated actor, Ed Sheeran’s latest album is a hit. And the main reason for this is the seventh single from the album titled “No. 6 Collaborations Project (2019)”. This single, called “South of the Border”, features the ravishing American Cuban singer Camila Cabello and the fine American Rapper Cardi B, as well as Sheeran in the lead. The sensual lyrics and pulsating music have both been written and composed by the multi-talented Sheeran himself. While Cardi B raps and spins a spider’s web in the background, Camila breaks in with her haunting voice to create a melodious counterpoint. But it is Sheeran’s witchcraft that lifts a good strong song into the higher realms of unforgettable music. The refrain “Come South of the Border with me, jump in that water, be free, Come South of the Border with me” form an indelible mark on the mind of the listener. No wonder then that the MP3 version of the song has become a rage online and south of the border mp3 download is on the lips of every music lover, whether hardcore fan or first time listener.

Downloading MP3

The first MP3 versions of the song were available in compact disk format and achieved record sales in a short time, but it was the option for south of the border mp3 download that has created the surge of interest which has become a tsunami overnight. MP3 PAW (, FEEL MP3 (,,,, and are some of the websites downloading the MP3 file at 320kbps audio quality.

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