Are The Monitoring HYIP Projects Legit?

First of all, an HYIP project is a high yield investment program, a Ponzi scheme. You should know that if the words ‘Ponzi scheme’ is there in the definition of a program then it is meant to be a fraud. If the two words are not enough then dig deep and you will know how the HYIPs work. They promise individuals a high rate of return on investment by paying the old investors with the money funded by the new investors. Yes, sounds very shady.

HYIP checks the authority of the monitors

Over the top, there are websites called HYIP monitors that keep Paying hyip projects These monitors select the HYIP projects, sort them and then check which one is paying and which one is not. Although this part sounds legit, they are not.

Most of the HYIP projects are registered in the monitors by the project owners themselves and few people who luckily get paid give most of the votes. Hence, the HYIP projects that are being monitored are nothing but fraudulent because a majority of them don’t even remain for long and thus, people get scammed after they accept the offer and invest their money in such programs.

When it comes to money always think twice before investing them.

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